Welcome to CollectiveAccess!
This is Pawtucket, the online publishing component of the CollectiveAccess software. This web interface allows users to search and browse selected objects from your collection and view curated content that you configure. Enabling registration allows users to save and curate their own collections of records. Users can also contribute to your collection by ranking, commenting and tagging your records.
This is the default theme that you can configure by changing the settings in the app.conf file. All of the styles for Pawtucket are contained in the global.css stylesheet in your theme folder. You can also edit this text as well as any other site content by editing the code in the view pages.
This is the Splash Page. You can change the content in this view by editing the code in views/Splash/splash_html.php. The slideshow to the left is automatically generated from a Set of your choosing. To get started, simply create your Set and enter the unique Set Code next to featured_set_name in the app.conf file.
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